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Boeuf Bourguignon with Spinach

People often ask me if I’m a vegetarian. My favorite answer is, “No, I actually eat a lot of vegetables.” Please see my post on vegetarianism (many vegetarians eat mostly bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and tofu––and far too few vegetables). My second favorite answer is to simply describe one of my most favorite dishes in the world: Boeuf Bourguignon with fresh baby spinach.

If you can spare five hours to lovingly prep and simmer beef medallions in olive oil and butter with mushrooms, onions, bacon, wine and garlic, then simply follow Julia Child’s classic recipe:


If, however, like me, you enjoy eating more than cooking, then instead pick up a prepared Boeuf Bourguignon in the freezer section at your local Trader Joe’s.

Bake for 45 minutes, preferably in Pyrex (the containers otherwise reasonably healthy frozen foods come in are often coated with or made of toxic plastics that your food should not be heated in. Get Pyrex containers at Target).

Pour over a medium-sized bowlful of baby spinach.

Stir vigorously for 30 seconds.

Enjoy with a glass of red wine of your choice. One of my favorites is Clos Pegase, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008.

The explosion of flavors in Boeuf Bourguignon combined with a nice cabernet (or Bordeaux) are something to be celebrated. The spinach, also delicious, adds color, texture, and many essential nutrients. Bon appetite! 


My restless legs has flared up only two times since I've been on the supplements. I almost forget about it now. I don't remember the last time I had it. I no longer have any light headedness for feeling dizzy.  My energy and strength is back, which has allowed more hiking, beach walks, yoga and the gym. I've even lost that extra 5 pounds! The "fluttering" I had in my heart is gone since I've taken the supplements, but I also know what's stopped it is that I have almost completely stopped drinking coffee which I know triggers it. Coming in to you has been priceless!  

Lynn Fogel/Ventura, CA.

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