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Kale Salad

Kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables. Its leaves are a superfood, full of vitamins and minerals. It isn’t on the top of everyone’s favorite food list, perhaps because not everyone knows how to prepare it. Here’s one way to make a simple delicious kale salad:

1. Pull the leaves off the stems, place stems in compost bin.

2. Put leaves in large bowl with coarse-ground sea salt, approximately one pinch per bunch of kale. Macerate (crush) to break down tough fibers and release nutrients.  You can do this with your hands, or if it’s especially tough, you could use a muddling stick, rolling pin, you could even put it in a (reusable) bag and stomp on it!

3. Add the juice of one lemon per bunch of kale, and refrigerate overnight. You could eat it immediately, of course. It depends on how tough the kale is, and how much you like to chew. If you want more flavor and easier chewing, leave it overnight.

4. Add olive oil, toss (with clean fingers is fastest) to evenly coat the leaves.

5. Top with Kalamata olives, tomatoes, shaved parmesan, nuts, seeds, roasted peppers, or anything else you like. Bon appétit!


My restless legs has flared up only two times since I've been on the supplements. I almost forget about it now. I don't remember the last time I had it. I no longer have any light headedness for feeling dizzy.  My energy and strength is back, which has allowed more hiking, beach walks, yoga and the gym. I've even lost that extra 5 pounds! The "fluttering" I had in my heart is gone since I've taken the supplements, but I also know what's stopped it is that I have almost completely stopped drinking coffee which I know triggers it. Coming in to you has been priceless!  

Lynn Fogel/Ventura, CA.

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