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Non-Force Chiropractic

Do you feel pain, numbness, or tingling radiating down your arm or leg? Do you have persistent pain in your neck or back that hasn’t responded to any treatment? Have you been told you may need surgery?

I’ve been helping people with disc herniations get fast relief, and restore strength and flexibility, without drugs or surgery, for 25 years.  Find out how…

…no snapping, no cracking, no popping. How is that possible?

I identify patterns of tension that build up over time in your nerves and muscles––from work, bad posture, minor injuries, and stress of any type.  I then gently prod these tight muscles and tense nerves to provide specific feedback to your brain; to show it exactly where unnecessary tension needs to be released.  It’s perfectly normal for tightness to build up in your muscles after a workout; [Non-Force] and for your nerves to be hypersensitive after a long day at work.  Your brain automatically releases tense muscles and calms those nerves when you relax, and sleep.  In youth, this perfect process helps you greet each day with a strong, supple body, full of energy and ready for anything that comes your way.  As time passes, restrictions build.  You wake up still carrying tension generated from the work of yesterday, or last month, or the last 10 years.

Hypersensitive nerves triggered by past mishaps remain on a heightened state of alert, causing aching, irritation and still more tension in muscles and joints.  Your brain loses the ability to sense exactly where unnecessary pressure needs to be released.  You may have no pain most of time, but “it feels like you are getting old.”  You can’t do all the things you used to do. Rigidity sets in.  Then “suddenly” you have arthritis or a torn meniscus or rotator cuff, tennis elbow, sciatica, planter fasciitis, or a bulging disk in your neck or low back.

Whether you’re sore, stiff, aching, or in agony–––perhaps even scheduled for surgery––I’ll examine you and identify sources of pain, imbalance, and dysfunction that most doctors don’t even look for.  I’ll then provide gentle, effective, hands-on treatment that will have you feeling better immediately.  I’ll also teach you specific home exercises that will enable you to maintain your newly-restored condition for life.

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